How Bad Driving Habits Can Hurt Your Vehicle

Cars are an investment, not just a possession. The better you take care of them, the better they serve you. Too many vehicle owners don't take good care of their cars. They don't keep up with inspections and maintenance, and they only take the car to an auto shop when there's a significant problem.

One of the ways that people abuse their cars is through lousy driving habits. How you drive your car contributes to how well it'll function and what kind of life it'll have. Cars that get driven rough all the time break down much faster and develop long-term mechanical problems.

Speeding On Rough Terrain

It would be best if you didn't speed on rough terrain unless you're a professional rally driver. When you race over speed bumps and slam into potholes, you compromise the integrity of your suspension. You could also blow out your tires, mess with the wheel alignment and steering linkage. Over time the ride becomes bumpy even on flat surfaces because of the damaged suspension.

Revving The Engine

Never rev a cold engine. Engine oil takes a bit of time to warm up and lubricate the engine's moving parts. When you rev a cold engine, you're increasing the chances of these parts getting damaged because the oil is still in the pan and hasn't coated them yet. It's better to let the car idle for a minute or two before revving it.

Ignoring Dashboard Lights And Warnings

The lights on your car dashboard keep you informed on the internal state of the engine, as well as other parts. Always pay attention to these lights. They'll alert you to low battery, an overheating engine, low fuel, and other electrical or mechanical problems. Never ignore these warnings. Even if the car doesn't break down immediately, it's bound to develop chronic problems later.

Hard Stops And Starts

Not only do hard starts and stops affect your gas mileage, but they also wear down your brake pads much faster. Avoid slamming the gas or brakes when the light turns red or green.

Take Care Of Your Car

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