Timing Belt Replacement in Peoria, AZ

Your vehicle's timing belt is a vital part of your vehicle because of its essential job. The timing belt is in charge of synchronizing and managing the rotation of the crankshaft and camshaft. Without this seamless movement, the engine valves would not open and close at the right time. The belt has ribbed teeth to provide a consistent and timely rotation. If the timing is off by the littlest bit or the belt is displaying visible wear and tear, it could cause immense damage to your engine and other related parts. For timing belt inspections and replacements, please visit our team at Elston Auto Care.


Your timing belt can malfunction in various ways:

  • The teeth on the belts wear off
  • The belt's fibers unwind
  • The belt breaks or snaps (rare)
  • Improper tension—the belt is too tight or too loose

Signs That You Require a Timing Belt Replacement

  • You see visual signs of belt wear—cracks, glazing, or grimy build-up on the belt
  • You hear a ticking sound coming from under the hood of your car
  • Your engine slips or misfires
  • Your engine runs rough
  • You remark poor engine performance
  • You experience a hit in your fuel efficiency

Most automobiles can make it up to 100,000 miles with no issues before needing a timing belt replacement. While this may hold for some people, you will want to look at your owner's manual to determine when you should make a visit to the auto repair shop. Feel free to ask your tech to inspect your timing belt if you have concerns at your next service.


It's better to replace your timing belt early than too late. If you don't inspect your belt, you can be caught in an unexpected breakdown. We invite you to Elston Auto Care for your timing belt replacement! Please give us a call or visit our shop in Peoria, AZ, today!

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