What Are Signs That Indicate You Need Clutch Repair?

If you drive a manual transmission, you must know the "third pedal," otherwise known as the clutch. For some people, driving a manual is the ultimate skill. Not only do you get better fuel economy, but you overall have better control over your car. The clutch pedal allows successful gear shifts for manual vehicles by spinning its flywheel and the engine. If the clutch ever malfunctions or fails, you will not be able to shift gears, making it very dangerous to drive your vehicle. Below are the top 3 signs that indicate you need a clutch inspection and repair:

Burning Odor

If a strong burning smell plagues your nostrils when you're driving, it could mean that there is a severe problem with your clutch. When its plate wears thin, it will cause this smell, indicating a need for a replacement.

Slipping Out of Gear

If your manual transmission automobile slips out of gear or falls into neutral abruptly, there's a possibility that the clutch plate is aging and needs to be replaced. Fluid leaks can also contribute to slipping gears, so it is best to get a professional inspection on this to confirm.

Sticky Pedal

The clutch is typically hydraulically linked and, if it fails, may result in an odd-feeling pedal whenever it gets old. There's a good chance the connection can be repaired if there are no serious leaks. On the other hand, your mechanic may need to install a new clutch plate altogether.


You must pay attention to your gear changes and clutch behavior. Damaged clutches are extremely dangerous to drive with and can put you in an accident.


If you require clutch repair in Peoria, AZ, or surrounding areas, we invite you to Elston Auto Care. 

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