Auto Electrical Repair & Service in Peoria, AZ

There are many systems in your auto that are dependent on electricity, so making sure that your car’s electrical system remains in good condition is crucial. Part of what makes up this system are alternators, batteries, and various other smaller components. If these pieces are not working properly, you may be experiencing a variety of issues. The auto electrical system is responsible for everything - from starting your vehicle to remotely unlocking the door and rolling up your windows. Here at Elston Auto Care in Peoria, AZ, we provide our customers with high-quality auto electrical repair.

When you bring your vehicle to our Peoria auto repair shop, our ASE-certified mechanics will use state-of-the-art scan tools and will run various tests to determine the source of your electrical issues so that you can be back on the road in no time.

5 Indicators That Your Vehicle Needs Electrical Repair

Issues concerning the electrical system of the vehicle may vary in severity and depending on the type. The following symptoms can indicate that you are having car electrical problems:

  1. Automotive lights are dim
  2. Battery warning light is on
  3. Blown fuses
  4. Burning plastic smell
  5. Engine doesn’t start correctly

These electrical issues could be caused by a faulty engine starter, a malfunctioning alternator, loose spark plugs, loose wiring, and much more. The reasons for which can be damaged or worn off automotive parts.


Schedule Auto Electrical Repair

When you visit our auto service center, our skilled technicians will service your vehicle to the best extend of their capabilities, and will also make sure that you receive exceptional customer service. They will pinpoint the exact reason for your automotive troubles and will provide you with their recommendations on what auto electrical repair is required for your current situation.

If you need a quality car electrical repair in Peoria, AZ, visit Elston Auto Care. We are the go-to shop in the area for comprehensive electrical diagnostics and repair. So, don’t hesitate to give us a quick call or just schedule your appointment online. Our friendly staff members are here to help you if have any questions.

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